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Formulated for maximum nutrients and efficiency.

We mix high quality beef and chicken with veggies and natural ingredients, resulting in high protein, low calorie, low fat, nutrient rich meats. Get all you need from one burger that tastes like meat, because it is meat!

Our Customers Read the Label

Our products contain all natural, minimally processed ingredients including humanely sourced meat and upcycled produce to give our customers healthy products to keep them active, while having the least impact on the planet.

Meet The Team

Stephanie Scribner

Our Founder and CEO, Stephanie, took the pandemic as an opportunity to go back to grad school where she attended UC Berkeley for a masters in Chemical Engineering Product Development. She chose to focus her studies on food systems and all natural, healthy food for families. Out of these studies, the concepts for Fuzera was born.

Sol Koo

Sol, our COO, has spent the last 6 years building a startup in the furniture industry from $2 million in revenue per year to $50 million, until its recent acquisition. He started out as an analyst and due to his stellar performance throughout the years, moved his way up to COO. He has a degree in civil engineering from UC Davis.

Dylan Hoyt

Dylan has spent the last 3 years in the cannabis CPG manufacturing industry of edible goods. He specializes in regulatory packaging and labeling, formulation and commercial kitchen management. Previously, he spent 6 years in the food industry and received a degree in horticulture from Colorado State University.

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